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Jeanette Cook

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Any kittens that may be available for sale will leave after 12 weeks.  They will be vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and desexed. If you are looking for an Aby.  you can call me, or send me an email.   We may not have any available at the time, but there may be another breeder around who does.

Conditions for buying an Abyssinian from us.

Your cat will need to be kept indoors or confined in a secure outdoor enclosure with access to food, water and shelter at all times. Cats kept indoors from kittenhood quickly become contented with this lifestyle and rarely try to ‘escape’ to the outdoors. Unconfined cats are a danger to wildlife and are also at risk of disease, parasites, cat fights, dog attacks, human cruelty, car accidents and snake bites. If you must let your cat out, ensure it is at least always securely confined between dusk and dawn. You can encourage your cat inside at dusk by only feeding it once it has come inside for the night.

Some tips for a happily confined cat include:

  • Keep your cat inside at all times from an early age so it does not learn to expect to be outside
  • Provide a safe, sheltered outside enclosure for your cat
  • Provide sufficient food and water
  • Provide a clean litter box
  • Provide places for your cat to scratch, eg a scratching post
  • Play with your cat every day
  • Give your cat toys to play with when you are away
  • Provide "Cat Grass" to assist digestion

Provide Veterinary Care – Provide routine veterinary care, including vaccination, worming, claw trimming and annual check ups

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